Business group with more than 20 years of experience in professional engineering, assembly and industrial supplies services in the areas of Filtration of air and liquids, Hydraulics, Hydro Environment, Mechanical, Electricity, Steel structures, Instrumentation, Alternative energy and Air conditioning.

Since 1996 we operate in the global market, with highly competitive products and solutions for our customers.

The support of the Alcon-3 Group has been decisive in international impact processes such as rum filtration mechanisms, certified as the Havana Club and Cubaron. Metallic structures of the siphon of the bay, (Old Havana) technical supply of the pressure group of the Capitol, the Supreme Court and the Fair of the Avenida del Puerto (Havana) As well as the water softener of the port brewery. Industrial wastewater plant in Tangier (Morocco) and Menorca (Spain), Jaguar Hotel, Cayo Levisa, Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) etc. As well as the realization of the Yogurt and Ice Cream factory in Angola, to name some of the group’s successful projects.